Young Adult League


The Triangle Young Adult Ministry (YAM) is a Pan-Orthodox Christian Young Adult Ministry for the Triangle area of North Carolina. As young adults in a changing world, it is important to have a spiritual base to freely discuss Orthodox views, voice our opinions and ask questions without judgment.


Our mission is to bring young adult Orthodox Christians together through Service, Fellowship, Worship and Witness.

  • Service - Christ came to serve, not to be served, and young adults are encouraged to do the same. We can honor and glorify God by loving and serving humanity in His name.
  • Fellowship - The way Orthodox Christians integrate their faith with daily life. By gathering together in fellowship, and by experiencing this love, we emulate the relationship of the Trinity, and develop our life in Christ.
  • Worship - As Orthodox Christians, we believe that God reveals Himself through Holy Tradition and Scripture. Worship is the sacramental expression of these, and is thus a very important element in ministering to our young people. 
  • Witness - Man is both a spiritual and physical being. The spiritual reality is not always expressed in the material world. In order to be true to oneself and to the Orthodox Christian Faith, young adults should strive to exemplify faith. 

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Using these four pillars, the Triangle Young Adult Ministry hopes to encourage members to live in a balanced Orthodox Christian life and to integrate these religious beliefs in their daily experiences. YAL is a ministry for young adults 18+. To learn more about YAL, email and join the Facebook Group.