A Short History of Our Community


From 1924 until 1927, services were held in a variety of locations on S. Salisbury Street and S. Blount Street. With recorded donations as small as a nickel and averaging $12.60, $4,665 was raised for construction of a permanent sanctuary. Thus their dream of a permanent home was complete. By this time our membership had grown to approximately 25 families.

Over the years, the community began to outgrow its location.Thanks to a generous contribution of property and the dedicated efforts of many, construction began on our current complex in 1974 with the parish center.  Our present sanctuary followed in 1982.

Our parish continues to grow rapidly with a current membership of over 400 families.  Mirroring the changes in the Triangle, our parish family now includes many cultures and interfaith marriages. Together we represent a strong, active and dedicated Orthodox community looking forward to continued growth in our size and faith.