Sunday School


Welcome to the Holy Trinity Parish Sunday School Program. We look forward to working with your children and supporting your efforts to help your children develop as Orthodox Christians.

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Goals and Objectives

The objectives of the Sunday school are derived from the objectives of the Church.  Thus, the Sunday school is responsible to the Church to help accomplish the goals of spiritual growth, outreach, education, application, and fellowship.  The primary goal of the Sunday school program is to guide our youth towards the Orthodox vision of a relationship with God and the Church.

Our Mission

To minister to and inspire our youth to assimilate Orthodox thought and theology and participate in the liturgical, sacramental, and communal life of the Orthodox Church.

Our Staff and Curriculum

Sunday school is taught by a group of dedicated volunteers who aim to nurture and partner with our youth as they experience the Orthodox faith; so that ultimately they may unite with and share a life in Christ and experience Orthodoxy as a way of life. 

Students are exposed to and learn about the faith primarily through the divine services of the Church. Sunday school lessons focus on helping students develop a personal relationship with God through active participation in the Divine Liturgy and special services of the Church and teaching the elements of Holy Tradition and Scripture that are the source of Orthodox faith, doctrines, and practices.  In addition, children are encouraged to take an active role when attending Liturgy by serving in the Altar, Choir, reading Scripture, making Oratorical presentations, or assisting Parish Council members with administrative duties.

Enrollment and Session Dates

The Sunday school program is in session from late August until the end of May. Classes are offered for the youth of the Parish from Prekindergarten though high school. Classes begin immediately following Holy Communion and conclude at noon. To register for Pre-K, your child must have turned three by March 31 of the current year. 


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